BRC Sauna & Spa is currently closed for reconstruction until September 2013.

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BRC Frequently Asked Questions
BRC Faqs

Do I need a reservation?

BRC offers a variety of walk-in services. No reservations are required for general use of saunas, jacuzzis, pool and restaurant facilities. For body and skin treatment services we ask that you schedule an appointment.


What should I bring to the spa?

You don't need to bring anything but yourself in the bathing suit; we'll take care of the rest! You will be welcomed at the front deck where you'll be provided with a comfortable robe, slippers and a key to the locker for you to store all your personal belongings. You will also be prompted to leave your valuables and your cell phone at the front storage space under the lock and key. Fresh towels are located in our locker room and throughout our facility for your convenience. Please be advised that if you choose to bring your own slippers, they must be appropriate to wear in the sauna with high temperatures and have slip resistant soles.


What should I wear in a sauna room?

Since our jacuzzi, saunas and steam rooms are co-ed, bathing suit or spa suit is appropriate. Please be sure that your outfit of choice is one that is free of dyes. You may drape towels, which are located at each sauna station, over the bench of our wet end dry saunas, since the wood can get quite hot and cause minor burns on sensitive skin. Please check to make sure that there is no metal present on your body or your bathing suit. Since metal heats up very quickly, please remove any earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. you may want to change into another bathing suit if it contains any metal before entering into sauna or steam room.


Does BRC host private events?

Yes. Please call as at 201-797-3002 or send your inquires to


Where can I park?

BRC Spa & Sauna offers a private, fully monitored and equipped with security cameras parking lot in the back, free of charge to our clients.


How early should I arrive for my appointment?

You may arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you have enough time to change and get comfortable.


Are children allowed at the spa?

Yes. You are more than welcome to make your trip to BRC Sauna and Spa a family affair! Please be sure that all of your family members are properly dressed for the occasion. NEVER leave your child unattended! Children are not advised to use sauna and steam room facilities.


What are my responsibilities as a guest?

Please let our staff know if you have any medical conditions or require special accommodation. Do Not use the steam room or sauna if you have the following:
- Heart Disease
- Circulatory Problems
- High or Low Blood Pressure
- Kidney Disease
- Diabetes
- Seizures
- Epilepsy
- While taking prescribed or illegal drugs
- Under the influence of alcohol
- Pregnant or may be pregnant
- Breastfeeding
- Any other conditions which affects your reaction to heat